Embrace the Power of Active Sitting

At Symbiotic Belfast, we understand the importance of movement and proper posture while sitting. Introducing the Symbiotic Chair,
a groundbreaking active sitting solution designed to transform the way you work.

Healthier Workplace

Experience Unparalleled Comfort and Support

Our innovative Symbiotic Chair is meticulously crafted around the human body’s natural inclination for motion and adaptability. Its unique design strengthens your core stability muscles and improves your sitting posture, ensuring a comfortable and productive work experience.

Embrace the Power of Active Sitting

The Symbiotic Chair is unlike any other ergonomic chair on the market. Its flexible seat is mounted on a balancing mechanism, similar to an exercise ball, challenging your postural balance and encouraging continuous micro-movements. This means you won’t sit passively, relying on the chair to support your weight. Instead, you’ll engage the muscles responsible for keeping your body upright and stable.

Discover the Dynamic Backrest

Our Symbiotic Chair features a sculpted backrest with pronounced lower back support that follows your movements in all directions. This unique design provides counter-force against your lower back as you lean, ensuring a comfortable and supportive sitting experience.

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Will Symbiotic Alleviate Your Back Pain?

Back pain is a common concern for individuals with sedentary desk jobs, often resulting from remaining in a static sitting position for extended periods. This lack of movement contributes to discomfort and strain on the muscles of the back.

The Symbiotic Chair is designed to combat this issue by promoting active sitting. With active sitting, you can stay comfortably seated while making small, fluid movements and adjustments throughout your day. By engaging the muscles in your back and core, the Symbiotic Chair encourages fine-tuned postural changes that can alleviate the stress on your spine and muscles.

By incorporating the Symbiotic Chair into your workspace, you can experience a more dynamic sitting experience that not only helps reduce back pain but also supports a healthier, more productive work environment. Give your back the relief it deserves with the innovative design of the Symbiotic Chair.

Enhanced Posture

The Symbiotic Chair encourages proper sitting posture and active movement throughout the workday. By engaging core muscles and promoting micro-movements, employees can experience reduced back pain, enhanced comfort, and overall improved well-being.

Reduce Chronic Pain

The Symbiotic Chair’s active sitting approach helps mitigate risks associated with prolonged sitting, such as obesity and heart disease, fostering a healthier workforce.

Increased Energy & Productivity

Active sitting stimulates blood circulation and helps prevent the fatigue often associated with sedentary work environments. By providing a dynamic seating solution, the Symbiotic Chair enables employees to maintain higher energy levels and better focus.

Employee Retention

Boosted Employee Morale and Retention: Investing in staff health signals a company’s commitment to employee welfare, leading to increased engagement, satisfaction, and retention, ultimately fostering a motivated, productive team.


About Us

We are delighted to introduce Ken Peoples as the dedicated Symbiotic Chair agent for Northern Ireland. With over 20 years of experience in the mobility and health industry, Ken brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure you receive the perfect active sitting solution.

Ken’s in-depth understanding of the Symbiotic Chair and its benefits allows him to tailor packages to suit your company’s or individual needs. His friendly and professional approach ensures that you’ll receive personalised guidance and support throughout your Symbiotic journey.

Choose Ken Peoples for a seamless experience in transforming your workspace and embracing the power of active sitting with the Symbiotic Chair. Get in touch with Ken today and discover how he can help you enhance your health, productivity, and well-being.


Ken Peoples

Northern Ireland Agent

Sitting disease

Sitting disease, a preventable issue,
is increasingly affecting our society.

The World Health Organization reports that around 3.2 million annual deaths result from insufficient physical activity.
This lack of activity stems from our modern lifestyle, where sitting has become more prevalent than ever before.

A Warning for the Modern Workforce

The sitting disease, linked to 3.2 million annual deaths, is a growing concern due to increasingly sedentary lifestyles. This issue affects both physiological functions and the musculoskeletal system. To combat its negative effects, incorporate active sitting and frequent breaks into your daily routine, promoting a healthier lifestyle.

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Lower Heart Disease Risk : People who sit for more than 11 hours a day have a 40% higher risk of premature death compared to those who sit for 4 hours or less.


Decreased Cancer Risk: Participants who spent the most time sitting had an 82% higher likelihood of dying from cancer compared to those who sat the least.


Reduced Sedentary Jobs: Sedentary jobs have increased by 83% since 1950, emphasising the need for active sitting solutions in modern workspaces.

Sitting disease

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